Learn how eBay has mastered SEO using artificial and human intelligence.

Boost user engagement and conversions with more relevant content.

Stop worrying about Google’s evolving search algorithms.

Everyone knows that a lot of content can help with SEO, but not all content is created equal. Publishing low-quality content can actually hurt your rankings and deliver a poor user experience. On the other hand, publishing high-quality content is difficult and resource intensive. Or is it?

Simply build high-quality pages at scale.

Watch our recorded eBay and CrowdFlower interactive webinar with live Q&A. Learn how eBay uses human intelligence from CrowdFlower's on-demand workforce combined with artificial intelligence to help them create high-quality, relevant content that directly improves SEO.

What will you learn?

After watching the video, you will walk away knowing how eBay:

  • Audits its massive library of pages
  • Uses real people to pick the most relevant pages, effective titles and content
  • Aligns with Google’s high-quality guidelines in order to rank higher in search results
  • Builds algorithms that can programmatically enhance page relevance
  • Generates lots of pages without compromising quality
  • Weeds out bad content
  • Delivers content that engages users longer and increases conversions


The same techniques used by eBay can also be applied to other kinds of content, from selecting the most relevant photos, to moderating and tagging user-generated content (like reviews and comments). Attendees will get an opportunity to see how CrowdFlower can audit massive amounts of data and make it useful.

Featured Experts

SEO expert

Jordan Koene, Head of SEO, eBay

Jordan Koene is Head of Content Development and SEO for eBay. He focuses on utilizing eBay content for user experience and natural search. Jordan has lead development in millions of content improvements for eBay. Along with advancing eBay’s content he has produced numerous well-covered data stories. Some of Jordan’s work includes expansion of eBay product content, eBay guides, user generated content, and vertical experience for eBay customers. Previously, Jordan has worked on various e-commerce and tech startups. He has grown and managed different Internet marketing teams and has a strong background in natural search and social media.

SEO expert

Nathan Zukoff, Head of Platform Training and Onboarding, CrowdFlower

Nathan Zukoff is a true CrowdFlower expert and leads the company's customer training and onboarding. He joined the company in 2012 and has helped hundreds of users get great results with the CrowdFlower platform. He has run several CrowdFlower University sessions designed to empower businesses to collect, clean and label data to make it more useful. In his spare time you'll find Nathan slacklining in Dolores Park, San Francisco.